Q: What was it like teaching Justin Edwards how to cook?

A: Justin is a young lad in a big body. He is going to be fine, but obviously at his age and with his size, confidence and self-esteem can take a knock. When he started to cook, he was amazing—he really started coming out of his shell. He was naturally quite good at it. He remembered things; he replicated things really
well, and then at a certain point he even started grooving and showing off a bit, which was great.

Q: Was it difficult to pull off the stunt where you showed all of the parents the amount of fat that goes into their children's lunches at the elementary school?

A: Not really. It took a long time to find the type of fat that was being consumed in the school over a year and then find the equivalent weight of fat to put in the truck. But it was worth it because I think the public likes having really clear signposts. I have never met a parent who wants their kids to eat junk at school. They want their kids to eat a wholesome meal at school, and they want their kids to enjoy it. To do that, you have to have decent food and a decent food culture in your school. Just being able to show those parents how much fat was in the highly processed foods was brilliant. It was interesting to get their reactions, and of course we didn't even get on to the amount of sugar in the food, which was humongous as well. I found the parents really supportive, and it was definitely a bit of a turning point.

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