James Taylor makes his first Oprah Show appearance.
Since signing his first record deal in 1968 with the Beatles' Apple Records, legendary singer/songwriter James Taylor has sold more than 40 million albums, won five Grammys and earned places in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Now, he's releasing his 24th album, Other Covers, and gracing Oprah's stage for the first time! "I've been a James Taylor fan my whole life," Oprah says.
James Taylor on fatherhood
James and his wife, Caroline, have twin 8-year-old boys, Henry and Rufus. James also has two grown children, Ben and Sally, from his previous marriage to singer Carly Simon.

Is fatherhood different the second time around? "I do feel more present. I feel more experienced and more grounded and just better situated," he says. "It's not better, necessarily. It's just great.
James Taylor on what he's most grateful for
At 61, James is considered a music legend and has lived a life many would dream of. What is he most grateful for? "I'm most grateful for my marriage and my recovery," he says. "The third thing is for you here today—my audience is the thing that sustains me."
James Taylor on his music
James has an impressive catalog of songs, and he says each one of them has an effect on him. "When I perform, the songs—some of which I wrote 40 years ago, 30, 35 years ago—it takes me back," he says. "It reconnects me to where I was and what I was feeling, what was going on with me."

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James Taylor sings Sweet Baby James
After the show ends, James sticks around to play some of his greatest hits.

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