KF: What are some Franco family traditions?

BF: James reads to us. The last book he read was Karen Russell's "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves." We were laughing so hard. He read us Harry Potter. On the holidays, that's the tradition. He reads us something out loud.

Another of the traditions is teasing me to death. It doesn't take anything before they're teasing me. I liked to be teased, and thank goodness because I am imitated constantly. James leaves messages on my phone where he's pretending to be me and he has it down spot-on. So, that's really fun. My mom comes for the holidays, and she writes poetry for each present. I usually make a turkey, and there is chaos in the kitchen and I'm screaming for help.

Other family traditions—messy rooms. Tom and Dave have their same rooms. My husband made James's room into an office, but we still have his things up on a wall. We just cleared it out a little bit more.


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