KF: Who was the leader of the mischief?

BF: James was definitely the leader of the mischief. Definitely. They are still telling me things that they did.

KF: For example?

BF: We have a creek near our house, and I'd always say, "Don't go in that creek" because I heard there were chemicals in there. I didn"t know if it was safe. So of course the first time I turn my back, they're walking down that creek. They found a tunnel that went through the creek to another part of town. I'll tell you, I just found that out this year. I had to keep my eyes wide open.

KF: What happened next? Any punishment?

BF: I tied them up and threw them in their rooms! No, just kidding. That's what I felt like doing. This is really weird to say, but sometimes I'd be glad they got in trouble so I could put them in time-out and take a nap. I've told this to other mothers, and they say they have the same experience. The only trouble was they weren’t good at staying in their own rooms. They'd end up in each other's rooms. It didn't work well.

My kids, even the day they were born, had a look. James was the first, and I remember he had a very knowing look in his eye. I thought he seemed to know something I didn’t know. He seemed very patient with me, like he was helping me be a parent even though he was so active. The boys were extremely curious and got into everything. They were risk takers.


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