KF: Is this your first time attending the Academy Awards®?

BF: Yeah, it is. I went to the Golden Globes® with [James] when he won for [the TV movie] James Dean. I'll never forget that experience. Obviously, I was thrilled that he won, but also just personally, it made me feel like you should never limit what you think you can do. Just go for it. He was pretty much the underdog. I remember sort of expanding to the size of the room, and I don't think I contracted even the least bit for at least six months. Not because of ego or something, but more just it showed me that you really never know.

KF: That was a big turning point in James's career. What do you usually do on Oscar® night? Do you watch as a family?

BF: I have been watching the Oscars since I was a girl. I am totally into movies and always have been. The only time I didn't watch was when my middle son Tom was born on Oscar night.

KF: The only non-actor of the boys.

BF: Yes, that's true. It would have been more appropriate if it was James's birthday.

KF: Do you have an Oscar-watching tradition?

BF: I usually watch with my husband. We don't have a huge party or anything. On and off the kids would watch with us. I remember them coming in and out of the room and asking, "Who won?" but my boys would not sit still. Period. The whole time they were living here. It was a miracle that I was able to be a writer at the same time. I was very, very disciplined.


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