RB: Do you have anything else coming up? Obviously you have some award shows in your future...

JC: Well, you know we've been nominated for a number of different things, either me directly with the Golden Globes and so on, or our technical people like for the cinematography and editing and that sort of thing, so I'll be wearing my tux quiet a bit over the next six weeks. And that feels very reminiscent of Titanic as well. It was such a ride that I really felt that I was surfing this really big wave, and I thought, "Enjoy it, cause it's never going to happen again." Now it feels like it's happening again, and I have such a different perspective on it. It's like: "Okay, I don't really need to worry about the outcome. I should just enjoy it and celebrate the people who worked so hard on the movie—the artists, the director of photography, the composer." And so I celebrate it with them—let them bask in it.

RB: Do you have any plans professionally? Or maybe take some vacation time?

JC: Well, I've been working straight through for four and a half years, so I have some major makeup time to deal with for the kids and with my wife, Suzy, and I've been promising trips and I now have to cash in all those chips.


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