RB: You mentioned on The Oprah Show that you might be planning a sequel to Avatar. Any inside information on what that story might be?

JC: Well, we're not actively planning one. We always said we would do one as we went along making the movie. Every time there was some idea that we came up with that we loved but just couldn't shoehorn into the movie, I said 'Well, we'll put it in the sequel.' So now we probably have more stuff to go in the sequel than we did in the first film. But it's notional; I haven't written the script yet. I have a general idea of the storyline, and I know who lives and who dies and all that sort of thing, but I don't want to give it away just yet. These movies take awhile to make; there'll be a lot of time for speculation to swirl.

And this one took, what, 10 years?

JC: Well, it took four and a half years to make, from the time we started it to the time we delivered it. But it was conceived 10 years earlier than that, so over a 15-year period—it's been in my head since before Titanic.


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