Jackie and Tito Jackson
The film Michael Jackson fans have been waiting for has arrived. Michael Jackson's This Is It is an intimate and inspiring look at the King of Pop's final days. Through behind-the-scenes footage of what was to be his greatest show ever, audiences spend time with the real Michael before saying a final farewell. "To see this great artist at work makes you want to be better at your work. You want that attention to detail. You want that kind of perfectionism. You want that kind of drive," Oprah says. "That's what true artistry is."

In honor of Michael, every Jackson brother attended the star-studded premiere. "It's wonderful just to see him onstage and do his thing. He's a great performer," Jackie Jackson says. "There are some bittersweet parts, and it's very, very emotional for me to watch him, at times, onstage because it's a great loss not just for the family but for the whole world. Michael was an incredible guy, and I just miss him dearly."

Jackie says this film embodies Michael's legacy of determination, passion and love. "It shows people how great Michael was as a performer and as a singer, and they get a chance to see him at his best," he says. "Let's not forget Michael was a great humanitarian. He strived for world peace; he was a great father. He gave a lot to a lot of charities around the world. He was just a great individual."
Michael Jackson's This Is It
Michael's brother Tito attended the first part of the premiere, but says he couldn't bring himself to watch the film. "I got to the doors to the theater, and I couldn't go in. It was just too soon for me," he says. "We have quite a few family members it was difficult for, such as my mom and my sisters Janet, Rebbie and LaToya, as well as my brother Randy. It was a little early for them as well."

Tito says he's slowly coming to terms with Michael's death. "It's been very difficult at times. Waking up in the morning, it's the first thing on your mind. Going to sleep at night, it's the last thing on your mind," he says. "I look to the stars in the sky and speak with my brother. It's just a tremendous loss for the family, and I don't think it's anything I can cope with immediately."

Still, Tito says he'd like to see the film eventually. "I would want to view it soon just to feel the happiness and the love," he says.

Three family members who are ready to see the film are Michael's children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. "They're going to have a private screening for themselves at home," Jackie says. "They want to see it."

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