We loved seeing Bollywood choreography last season. Anything fun coming up this time around? 

NL: We're certainly going to do more Bollywood. I would like to do something called Pantsula, which is a sort of South African township street dance, which is quite fun. I don't know if you saw Superstars of Dance, but I used a choreographer on that with the Australian National Dance Company. It was just exciting for me. They just sort of flew through the air and they all rolled and jumped-just a bit like Kobe Bryant. When they are in the top of their jump, they somehow still manage to leap off the air and go a bit higher. ... It's ridiculous how they sort of defy gravity. I am going to bring that young man in, and hopefully he is going to choreograph for us. It's so good opening up to the world because you get to use other people who will hopefully inspire everybody.


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