You've had a lot of tap dancers come through the audition process. Think we'll ever see one go all the way?

NL: Tap dancers find it very difficult to do anything other than tap if that is all they have been trained in because, again, it’s a whole different ballgame that you’re constantly working on—bent legs, loose ankles—which you cannot afford to do when you’re doing jumps or anything else. Really, an across-the-board style of all the sort of major dances is the easiest one. You know a sort of "jack of many trades, master of none" is easy to pick up all the different styles we throw at them. The street kids are always going to find it difficult to do anything technically, but what is happening and what has happened over the past five years is so many have begun classes, so many of them have started ballroom and learning to dance with a partner because they know just working with somebody else is really very difficult. 


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