Is there a particular type of dancer that picks up choreography more easily?

NL: This is a tough question. I’ll tell you why this is a tough question. So many people report to be contemporary dancers, and they’re not. They are sort of jazz dancers that feel like they’re throwing a bit of classical in there. I mean, a true contemporary dancer has got ballet as their base and classical ballet, and that is their base. And then they choose to extemporize on that and go into a contemporary world. However, when people walk in here and say they are contemporary, a lot of them just go running around the stage like Isadora Duncan, and half of them deserve to be strangled by their scarf. We put too much on contemporary dancers. A lot of them cannot change styles; a lot of them can’t do anything else other than run around the stage reaching and stretching in anguish to somebody off camera that I never understand who it is. But it’s the teenage angst they have to live with.


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