RB: I read that you said this is perhaps your favorite film that you've made. What about this film makes it a favorite?

MG: I think it's the most grown-up work that I've done, and I think it's the most vulnerable. I used to think that the ideal was to be as strong as possible and that that was the most interesting and triumphant thing to watch onscreen. The characters I've played before that I've been especially proud of have been fierce powerhouses, but Jean is different. She's much gentler; she's much more vulnerable. She's a really feeling person, and I guess I feel proud of being able to reveal that.

RB: What was it like to work with Jeff Bridges?

MG: Oh, he was great. He and I work in pretty similar ways in that for both of us the ideal thing is to let whatever happens happen. Neither of us like to plan, and I think we both knew that in order for the movie to work it had to be a real. We had to really fall deeply in love, or, our characters did. When we met, we had no time. We didn't say anything about it but we just sort of looked each other in the eye and basically said, 'I'm ready to go. I'm up for anything. Are you up for anything?' We were playing people with really big hearts and I think we are people with big hearts, so it was a powerful connection.


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