RB: For a long time, you were primarily a movie actor, then you did the short-lived Kidnapped on NBC. What is it like doing a television series on a cable channel? It seems like it might be a middle ground between movies and network television.

TH: There's probably a little more creative freedom in cable versus network, a little less of a committee looking over everyone's shoulder, but it depends on the network, it depends on the show, it depends on who the head writer or show runner is and what track record they have. And that directly corresponds to how much the so-called committee is getting involved and meddling in the show. But we don't have much of that—this is a really great experience. We're filming in Portland, Oregon, right now—our second season is all being done here—and, you know, it really feels like the directors and the actors and the producers and the writers are coming up with these scripts and we're filming them and no one's making many changes to the template. Were kind of going with out guts on everything and having fun doing it.  


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