In TNT's popular drama Leverage, Timothy Hutton leads a gang of modern-day Robin Hoods. Timothy plays Nathan Ford, a former insurance investigator who, after losing his son and his marriage, has traded to the other side of the law. He's the mastermind behind a crew of scam artists—a hacker, an actor, a muscleman and a thief—who pride themselves on coming up with elaborate cons to intercept corrupt corporate suits and protect the little guy. The Screening Room caught up with Timothy from Portland, Oregon, where he's shooting Season 2.
Rachel Bertsche: Leverage has a really fun Ocean's Eleven vibe—it feels like a mini-movie each week. What's it like to film the different cons? 

Timothy Hutton: It's a blast to film the episodes, because it really does feel like a doing a movie every time we begin, and it starts with getting the script. We're all very excited when we get the new script of the coming episode. We can't wait to see all these things that the writers have us doing and feeling, playing different characters and all that. Once we start to prepare, we get together with dialect coaches, and we get together with the costume people to figure out the trippiest costumes for the con that we can come up with. So it's just a lot of fun to work on.

RB: It sounds like you really get to really flex the acting muscle since you're not just one character, but a character who's playing all these other characters.

TH: Exactly. That's the most fun part.


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