SR: It's been about 11 years since A Bug's Life, and now Up—your 10th film—is out. How did the success of the early films inform the making of Up and the new 3D element? Where do you see animation going in the future? 

JL: At Pixar, after every movie we have postmortum meetings where we discuss what worked and what didn't work. We're still trying to figure out how to make these movies, even though, 10 movies in, we've really grown as a studio. We're so excited about 3D. Working with our computers, it's a truly three-dimensional world. I've always felt that, and that's frustrating because the audience is usually only looking at it from a 2D point of view. Finally now with the new resurgence of 3D in theaters, I'm so excited. So we decided to make Up in 3D, and from now on all of the movies that we're making at Pixar will be in 3D. We've also gone back to Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and produced them in 3D. We're going to be releasing those in the fall. That's the thing we've always said—we've always been making 3D movies, but people were looking at them with a two-dimensional view.


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