Oscar®-winning animator John Lasseter is the chief creative officer at Pixar. As director of hit films like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc., he's been one of the lead imaginations driving Pixar's decade of success. John's second film with the company, A Bug's Life, is out for the first time on Blu-ray DVD, and he's chatting with the Oprah.com Screening Room about the movie's new and improved features, the future of animation and his next project. 
Screening Room: How does the Blu-ray aspect of this new DVD release change the viewer experience of the A Bug's Life?

John Lasseter: At Pixar we've been huge fans of any new technology that makes the viewer experience of our movies better. Blu-ray is the best yet because the picture quality, especially for our movies, is unbelievable. The color, the clarity—what you're seeing at home on your screen is exactly what Pixar intended when we made the film. Plus, the sound quality is superb. We had all of the original people who worked on A Bug's Life look at and tweak the movie so it looks absolutely spectacular.

But beyond just getting the best picture quality of the film, there are great extra features. In the Blu-ray we had so much more room on the disk, so we could add more and more stuff. At Pixar we say we like to overdeliver. You're not just getting a great version of the movie, but we've added a filmmakers roundtable where myself, the co-director and the producers basically reminisce about the making of the film and all the adventures just after the film came out. It's very entertaining. Also, there was a major story change that happened early in the development of A Bug's Life. The main character now is a part of the ant colony, but originally the main character was a part of the circus troupe. So we've taken the storyboards of that sequence and we've created a little movie using the still storyboard drawings. We got David Foley—who did the voice of Flick—to narrate it. So now viewers can watch the original first draft of A Bug's Life.


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