Idris Elba stars in Obsessed.
Photo: Suzanne Tenner
What's the quickest way to the Obsessed star's heart? If you're a cook, you may just have a shot. Plus, the dish on his first album. 
What inspires him: Curiosity inspires me. I love when people ask questions, and I like to ask questions, because without that you just don't know, and therefore you won't learn. 

His favorite movie: For a long time it was Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas, and then I saw a film called The Champ. It's a tearjerker of a movie, man. It's real old. There's this little boy, and he's yelling: "Come on, champ! You can get up in the ring again, champ!" It's a good one. 

If he wasn't an actor, he would be... I'd be in the teaching profession possibly. But probably in the entertainment industry, in another capacity. My cousin in England is a life coach, and I like what he does, because he gets to help people make better choices. I called him and told him I want to hire him, but he told me it doesn't work like that.
What's playing on his iPod? Well, and this is not a plug—it's the truth—but I'm actually in the studio making music. I'm a DJ, and I'm making an album, so I'm not listening to anybody, because it's tough for me to make music when I've got other people's music in my ear. My music is a hybrid of everything from jazz and reggae to hip-hop to soul. I'm really proud of it. I just released a lead single in England, which is doing pretty well on the underground circuit, a song called "Best I Can." So, honestly, I'm listing to Driis. ... My single, "In Other Words," will be released in the U.S. in the fall. You can check it out on

His your favorite meal: My favorite meal is breakfast! Steak and eggs, to be precise. I like my eggs over medium, steak well done, T-bone. And if you really want to spoil me, you can slice up tomatoes on the side, and I will be in love.

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