Q: The Wire is another show you've done that has an incredibly loyal and almost fanatical fan base. Why do you think viewers take to it so strongly?

A: I think The Wire really is relatable. It reflects an ongoing issue across America, about inaccuracies in major cities between rich and the poor and some of the things that go on behind the red tape of council and government bodies. That is an issue in most cities around the world. You're going to find corruptness, you're going to find a culture that is misled and doesn't know how to get itself out of the spiral and you're going to find mayors and councilmen who are in it for personal gain and in-house politics. I feel like The Wire spoke up something that most people will at some point have to deal with in life. In England, The Wire is making its debut now, and those guys are like "Wow!" It's a huge deal.

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