Q: What made you want to sign on for this film?

A: It's tough to ask my die-hard Stringer Bell fans to watch me play a man who loses his grip on life to something as crazy as this scenario. However, I've got loyal fans—I'm lucky to have that—and I feel like I'm going to bring them with me. This is a really interesting film. It hasn't been said yet, and it probably won't be said because it's not a part of the film, but there's an obvious moment of "Oh! That's interesting!" by way of race, in that there's an African-American couple in the leading position in a thriller. It's not mentioned in the film, it's never an issue, and I think that's phenomenal. Ali [Larter] is the antagonist and falls in love with her boss, who is an exemplary boss, who happens to be black. To me, that was very refreshing that the studio execs didn't want to make an issue of it.


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