If there's anyone in this collaborative show who has been singled out for his performance, it's probably Burrell. His character is said to be loosely based on co-creator Steven Levitan, though Burrell says he has more in common with Phil than he'd care to admit. "I share way too many of Phil's traits," he says. "The tough challenge would be to find out what I don't share with Phil. ??? I'm not a dad. It might start and end there."

Not surprisingly, Burrell says he's having the time of his life. "Comedy is why I got into acting in the first place. It's my first love. I ended up, just by way of making a living, doing lots of classical theater and film and playing a lot of bad guys along the way to pay the bills, but I've always dreamed that maybe I could get back to comedy. Definitely the sitcoms I've been on [Back to You, Out of Practice] have given me that," he says. "I think what's new to me is having people actually watch this one."


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