A daredevil herself, Hilary was just the person to portray the legendary risk-taker. "I've jumped out of planes, I've bungee jumped, I've paraglided, parasailed," she says. In fact, many of the characters Hilary has portrayed have been fearless, unconventional individuals. "I can see those are the roles that I'm drawn to," she says. "Those are the roles that light that fire in my belly." 

Her first award-winning role, as Brandon Teena in Boys Don't Cry, was 10 years ago, but Hilary says she holds all of her roles in her heart. "You fall in love with every character you play," she says. "I learn something new from every role. I look at life differently. It enriches my life so profoundly." 

Hilary says it takes about a month after shooting a film for her to get back to her old self. "After I'm more rested, then it's more me," she says. "You definitely can't just walk away like that."


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