Two-time Oscar® winner Hilary Swank steps out of her box for a living. Whether she's playing a transgender teen in Boys Don't Cry, boxing her way through Million Dollar Baby or soaring to new heights as a real-life legend in her latest film, Amelia, Hilary says acting never ceases to be a challenge. "Every time I get an opportunity to act, I'm stepping of my box because it's what really scares me the most," she says. "These roles that I get blessed enough to get the opportunity to play—they scare me. They make my heart beat fast, and I drive to work going, 'Please don't let me mess this up.'" 

To ensure she conquered that challenge, Hilary says she studied the small amount of footage of Amelia Earhart that exists, focusing on the 45 seconds taken when she didn't know the cameras were rolling. "I looked for how she really interacted," she says. "A moment of truth."


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