RC: It seems like so many women these days have difficulty balancing their work and their home lives, and you seem to have done a fantastic job. Do you have any advice for other working mothers?

JPS: I really feel like it's important to leave work at work. We have to realize that, you know, 6 o'clock, or whenever the day's over, it's over. Turn the pagers off, turn the cell phone off, come home and be present for your family. And then 8 o'clock, get your kids ready for school, get in the car, and once you drop them off, you can turn all the devices back on and get back into work mode. But it's really being able to compartmentalize and just really give authentic focused time to each area, versus trying to blend them all together. ... Go home, do the mommy thing. Go to work, do the work thing. You know what I mean? And I find that that has really worked for me.


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