RC: How do you separate being an executive producer of HawthoRNe from being an actress?

JPS: You literally have to just switch hats. You know, when I'm on screen, I listen to the director and I listen to the producers when they have notes for me as an actress. "You've got to try this; you've got to do that." I come off of the set and I go into the video room, and then we have discussions as an executive producer. I go, '"Okay, I feel like we need to move this scene here and there." Literally, you have to take one hat off, and just understand- you have to listen to people and be very aware. It's like okay, if your director comes to you and says, "Jada, I need you to try this emotion in this scene," now I'm an actress taking a note from my director. And so really you just have to have a level of awareness and openness. And, you just have to be very fluid and you just have to know when and where to take and put on those two different hats. That's the best way that I can describe it.


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