Halle: What would you want people to know about you that maybe they don't know?

Penelope: I think that that's hard. I never feel safe showing 100 percent of who I am. Of course, I feel much more relaxed today because I am talking to you. I don't really show myself, who I am or my sense of humor or my sense of humor about myself…

Halle: That brings me to what I would say. I would want people to know that I'm really funny. I don't think people think that I'm funny.

Penelope: And you are very funny…

Halle:But nobody knows I'm funny! I want people to know I'm funny and I do have a sense of humor and I laugh at myself and I find the funny in everything and everybody else. … I know my life changed profoundly when I won my Academy Award®. Has your life changed? One thing, you'll always be Oscar winner Penelope Cruz.

Penelope: It gives you some confidence, that's for sure. It's the respect and the love from your peers.

Halle:When I won an Academy Award, I remember feeling this enormous amount of pressure because now I had this award and I felt like I had to live up to it. I got a beautiful letter written to me by an actress that I really, really admire and she said to me, "You know, winning the Academy Award isn't always the best thing that can happen to one's career." It was Diane Keaton, and I realized what she meant because there's this pressure that then comes in and sits on your shoulders and you're expected to now live up to having it. So I felt a dilemma for a while. I felt like, "How am I going to navigate my career now with this pressure that's sat down on me?" So I decided to kick it in the face and laugh at it and say, "You know what, I'm not going to live up to it. I may never win another one, but you know what, you can't take away the one I have."


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