While their name may be a new addition to many playlists, sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim are no rookies. "People think we've been a band for three seconds," says Alana, 22, the youngest sibling, "but we've been at this for seven years—and what seems like a lifetime before that!" The sisters were just big enough to hold their own instruments when their guitarist mother and drummer father formed Rockinhaim; the family of five covered oldies at church and charity events throughout California's San Fernando Valley. By 2007, the daughters were ready to flex their music muscles minus Mom and Dad, and Haim (rhymes with lime, though Alana doesn't care how people pronounce it—"I'm happy anyone tries!") was born.

Big Break

While juggling their jobs (Alana: nanny; Danielle: backup guitarist; Este: hostess at the Cheesecake Factory), the girls played small clubs and divey hangouts with names like the Smell. In 2012, their dreamy alt rock–pop earned them a slot at the Austin-based festival South by Southwest—famed stomping ground for scouts and where a British label discovered them. Later that year, after opening for Florence + the Machine and Mumford & Sons in the UK, Haim caught the attention of Columbia Records. Deal.


Sporting long hair, leather boots and cutoff shorts, the musicians (plus drummer Dash Hutton) are bringing the hits from their debut album, Days Are Gone, to more than 25 cities this spring. "We each add our own flavor," says Danielle, 25, lead singer and middle child. "Alana is amazing on keyboard, Este is a writing and bass genius and I rock out on drums and guitar." They enjoy big-name fans (Katy Perry, Jay Z)—and secret admirers. "Last summer someone anonymously sent Danielle flowers to every city we played in," says Este, 28. "Each bouquet came with a typed haiku; one compared her to a snowflake." But while the trio appreciates adulation, they might just value quality sister time even more. Says Este: "This is all part of our evil plan to be able to see the world, make music and do absolutely everything together." Head to for tour dates.

Photo: From oldest to youngest (from left): Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, in London, 2012.
From oldest to youngest (from left): Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, in London, 2012.


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