A popular recurring guest star on Nip/Tuck, Friday Night Lights and Heroes, Gilsig is thrilled to have finally found a home in one of the most diverse, inclusive and talented casts on television.

She's even happier the show has been embraced by fans of all ages. "The older demographic feels the show's for them, and the younger demographic feels the show's created just for them," she says. "I've never experienced that before."

Gilsig credits the genius of show creator Ryan Murphy, with whom she worked on Nip/Tuck. "There's something that Ryan does that I find very disarming, which is he creates these fantastic scenarios. They're very fun and they're very humorous and creative, but everything he does has an element of truth to it," she says. "There's some kind of emotion behind every character that sort of contradicts the thing about them that makes them disposable."

Take Terri. In many ways, Gilsig says she's a sacrificial character. "In order for us not to hate Will and the fact that he's flirting with a woman at school every day, there has to be these very real and tangible problems at home," she says.

Still, at Terri's core is a crippling lack of self-confidence. "As we go on, we realize that her motivation is this incredibly deep insecurity that if [Will] really knew who she was, then he wouldn't stay with her," she says. "I feel like that's very human."


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