At the core of every great television show is one epic question. We needed to know who shot J.R., what really happened to Laura Palmer and whether Jack Bauer would ever be able to escape that Chinese prison. Now, inquiring Glee fans want to know: How long can Terri Schuester really fake a pregnancy?

Glee's Jessalyn Gilsig feels your pain. "Poor Terri," she sighs. "There's going to be kind of like a reckoning—and it's coming fast and it's going to come hard and it's going to be really sad."

In a show beloved for its feel-good singing and dancing, Gilsig brings drama as the unappreciative and scheming wife of glee club adviser Will. Once the "Jack and Diane" of high school, the couple's marriage is headed the way of Springsteen's "Glory Days." After false pregnancy test results, Terri continues her charade in a desperate attempt to keep her marriage together—and Will's attention away from guidance counselor Emma.

"She so identifies with high school when she was her very best that she really hasn't evolved out of that place. I mean, her hair. ... She has like 1988 cheerleader hair!" she says. "Terri just needs to step into the now and let go of the past. Maybe she should be an Oprah makeover."


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