Q: This is a question for the writers. Can we expect anymore Puck and Rachel or "Puckleberry" moments in the show?

Ryan Murphy (Glee co-creator): Yes, we actually just shot a romantic scene between them. We did. But it was like we said, we shot the first 13 [episodes] and we had finished them before they aired. So then, when it aired, it's fun to see what you guys like, what couples you want to be together. And we do listen. We do read those comments. But I think she'll always have a thing for Finn.

Q: Do you guys still get nervous when you're performing up there?

Cory: I'll speak for myself, but that was the first live performance I've ever done singing in my life. I'm serious. That's the first time I ever sang out, so I was really, really nervous just then.

Lea: We were all nervous. I learned a lot from Amber because you have to have confidence to go along with your talent or it won't work. Amber will just sing, and it's so amazing. I've never been able to just freely sing, and so I learn a lot from her because I always get very, very, very nervous.

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