Q: Do any of you ever suggest your own material? Do you ever get to pick a song that you feel passionately about?

Amber: What you do is you hang around Ryan Murphy and start singing it a little bit, and if it sounds good, it may or may not get in the next script.

Q: I'm a sophomore theater major at Northwestern, and I was wondering if you had any advice for aspiring musical theater actresses.

Lea: Keep going. You don't stop. You go to school. You take classes. You do things you enjoy and you love, and you find what it is you love—if it's singing and dancing, if it's just singing, if it's acting. Find what you do best. If it's comedy or drama, if it's what you love, you go for it. ... I never did it to make money or to make anyone happy. I did it because it made me happy above anything else.


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