Gayle King

Photo: Courtesy of Gayle King

On a Recent Vacation I Discovered That...
I can still keep it on the court, so I wondered what would happen if I actually took a few tennis lessons. I fell for the game—and this monogrammed tennis bag (I'm a sucker for anything with my initial!)—just in time for the U.S. Open, starting August 25.

My cohost Norah O'Donnell loved this racquet bag so much, I got her one, too!, $125
Begin Again

Photo: Andrew Schwartz/ 2014 the Weinstein Company

It's Not the Feel-Good Fairy Tale...
I was expecting from the title, but Begin Again, out now, is a rock-solid rom-com. Mark Ruffalo is a record executive who's been ousted from his company, Adam Levine is a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater, and Keira Knightley is trying to figure out what she wants from both of them. The ending threw me a little (it doesn't come wrapped in a neat little bow!), but bittersweet is still a treat.
Genevieve Liles

Photo: Courtesty of Gayle King

Never Let It Be Said...
that I don't have the confidence to hang out with a swimsuit model! This is my gorgeous pal Genevieve Liles wearing something I'd never seen before: the Puddle Jumper, a suit that incorporates floaties for a built-in sense of security., $33
Think Like A Freak

Photo: CBS This Morning

"Most people think the hardest three words are 'I love you,' but they're actually 'I don't know."
When Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, authors of Think Like a Freak, recently shared this quote with me, it reminded me that nothing leads to learning like just admitting that we've all got a lot to learn.
Ariana Grande

Photo: Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images

It's the Four-Octave Range...
that has people calling Ariana Grande "Mini Mariah," but I think Ms. Grande's got her own sound. Her debut album , Yours Truly, is wonderful, so when Scooter Braun (her very unbiased manager) tells me that her still-untitled sophomore effort, tentatively due out at the end of the summer, is even better, I'm all ears.

Photo: Courtesy of GoodPop

I Don't Know Anybody...
who didn't spend every summer of their childhood sucking on Popsicles. These all-natural GoodPops, in grown-up flavors like watermelon agave, hibiscus mint, and, my favorite, banana cinnamon, will make you want to run through a sprinkler!