You and actor Jeffrey Donovan have a great chemistry, which is part of the reason this show is so fun. Does chemistry like that just happen, or is it something you really have to work at?

GA: To me, it's always kind comparable to real-life relationships. Hopefully there's that sort of electric chemistry that one experiences when you first meet somebody that you're very attracted to. That's the kind of chemistry that audiences always seem to gravitate toward in romances on the screen, be it small or big screen.

Oftentimes, the dynamic between an actor and oneself is like a marriage after a few years. Where the chemistry isn't quite as exciting as it may have once been, but you can work at those moments. They can exist. I often find that it's more in that vein than that sort of electrifying, sexual, sensual, hormonal explosion that happens. That's rare for me. I'm sure if you were to ask other actresses, they'd have lots of other tales to tell, but I must have a very discerning chemical need.


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