Fiona is such a strong woman. Are there any women in your life that made a huge impact on you?

GA: I think every woman in my life has made an impact on me to some degree or another. I've had some very intense female relationships and continue to. I think that probably the most influential has been that between myself and my mother, which is probably the most powerful relationship any woman and daughter have.

I know I'm experiencing it on the other end of the spectrum with my own girls, and I think that there's such a tremendous amount of unspoken complexities in that dynamic, some of which are very taboo in our society, but that doesn't mean that one isn't actually experiencing them on an emotional, spiritual or even intellectual level. So I think that there's a tremendous amount of affection and possibly an equal amount of consternation in my relationship with my mother, so I think that's probably shaped a lot of certainly who I am as a woman and I suspect how I'm playing Fiona.

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