Precious may have been Sidibe's first foray into acting, but it won't be her last. She's already wrapped up shooting her second movie, Yelling to the Sky. "In it I get to play a bad girl who drinks and fights and makes out with boys. All the things Precious would not have done," she says.

With just a few days until the film's release, Sidibe would have to be really out of touch not to sense the oncoming fame train, hesitant as she may be to acknowledge it. "I know that when Precious is released it may be harder for me to go to the mall and the movie theater, so I'm certainly not on the edge of my seat," she says. "I'm trying to take advantage of my life as much as possible until then."

So, is she nervous? "Certainly cautious. I know a change is coming, and I don't know what that change will be," she says. "Still, I'm not about to start calling myself a celebrity."
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