As Cybill's career continued, she says she was constantly afraid of becoming disposable. "I had a great fear as grew older that I would not be valued anymore," she says. "That I would be like a beautiful old shoe that was all wrinkled and nobody wanted to wear it anymore."

Because she couldn't stop the aging process, Cybill says she felt the need to act outrageously to stay relevant. "I felt if I'd come on a show I had to do something shocking and get attention. Somehow I'm a starved child that never got enough attention," she says. "It never makes up for your real value that you find at the core of your being."

Still, Cybill says the day she realized she no longer turned heads wasn't easy. "I remember distinctly the time walking across the street once with my two daughters, Ariel and Clementine, and noticing that the men were looking at them and not me," she says. "It was disturbing."


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