Cybill says her beauty opened many doors, but it also held her back. "When I was 18 years old, I got on an airplane and I flew from Memphis, Tennessee, to New York City," she says. "I skipped all of these kinds of developmental things along the way. I didn't ever learn how to balance my checkbook. I never had a chance to live away from home the first year, go to college and have that interim place. All of a sudden I was thrown into this world-famous responsibility. I knew I had to be successful."

Watch to see what advice Cybill would give her younger self.

Because of that drive to succeed, Cybill says she never learned see herself for who she was. "I put on this false sense that I was the most beautiful, the most sexy and the most intelligent woman in the world," she says. "When I looked at that camera, that's what I projected."

At home, Cybill says it was a different story. "When I was on seven covers of Glamour magazine and I'd walk by all those newsstands every month and see my picture, I would go home and look in the bathroom [mirror] and go: 'How did this happen to me? Why don't I look like that cover?'" she says. "I had this wonderful success. At the same time, that retouched image is a lie."


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