From a young age, Cybill Shepherd's golden girl looks started opening doors. At 16, she was crowned Miss Teenage Memphis and began pursuing a modeling career. At 18, she won the title "Model of the Year." Almost instantly, Cybill became the "it" girl of the late 1960s. She bounced onto TV sets as a Breck model and then as a fresh-faced spokesmodel for CoverGirl. 

Look back at Cybill through the years.

By 1970, Hollywood was calling. Her breakthrough role as Jacy in The Last Picture Show led to work as the tempting coed in The Heartbreak Kid and Robert DeNiro's obsession in Taxi Driver.

In her 30s, Cybill landed her signature role as Maddie, a former model-turned-private-eye on the smash TV series Moonlighting.

At 40, Cybill symbolized a gorgeous, confident woman in L'Oreal commercials. Despite her continuing work onscreen, Cybill says she secretly agonized as the beauty she was known for was fading. 


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