Teri says her photos weren't meant to send an anti-Botox message. Instead, she says they're commentary on the anti-aging messages bombarding women in the media. "We're writing all these books about how to live to be 100," she says. "Are we going to be 100 because we can live to be 100 and still look 30?" 

Teri is injection-free today, but says she has used Botox in the past. "I haven't done it in I don't know how long, but quite a while," she says. "I can make all the fabulous facial features that anyone would want to see." 

In fact, Teri hasn't had any injections since she returned to work after taking time off to raise her daughter. "For me, I was, like, 'I look so tired,'" she says."So I got Botox."


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