In 1981, Linda catapulted to fame with Dynasty. "It was an incredible ride," she says. "It was as if I suddenly knew everyone in the world. Wherever I went, I knew people. It was exciting."

Still, Linda says she felt tremendous pressure living in the public eye. "Even though it was a blessing to have Dynasty, you have absolutely no privacy. And I think [there's] also a sense of feeling like you had to live up to somebody's expectation," she says. "I knew I couldn't live up to what everyone was seeing."

Linda says she finally found peace at her 70-acre rural retreat in Washington State. "The whole purpose of me coming up here was because I understood that so much of my life was outside of me," she says. "I replaced the husbands with my career, and then still it was: 'You're only as good as your ratings. You're only as good as your this or that.' It just seemed like there had to be more to life than all that."

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