Stephen and Rachael prepare Emily's dinner.

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After the fight, Rachael and Stephen are barely on speaking terms, but they still need to make Emily's dream come true. Unfortunately, Rachael has sent the caterer for Emily's dinner to the wrong hotel, and he's been waiting at that location for 45 minutes. When the food makes it to the right hotel, it's in Styrofoam containers and doesn't come with any drinks.

"I've never been so embarrassed in my life. This is Rachael's fault, 100 percent," Stephen says. "Once again with Rachael, someone else has to do all the dirty work, and she wants to take all the glory."

Stephen is also concerned that Rachael is trying to steal the show by singing at the performance. But Rachael says it is what the family wants. "I sat at the feet of Emily, her daughter and the rest of the family, and they said to me, 'You are singing.'"

As Rachael sings in the hotel room, Stephen says, "She's singing while I'm cleaning up, and now she wants to sing tomorrow at Carnegie Hall. If that happens, I'm done. I'm out of here."