Oprah's Big Give host Nate Berkus

Oprah's Big Give has landed in Houston, where the competition is heating up! With only eight givers left, host Nate Berkus assigns the next challenge: Pass or Fail. Nate gives the contestants five seconds to divide into two teams before announcing the details—each team will be given $1,000, four days and a celebrity to help them give big.
Team Forgotten Christmas

Team Forgotten Christmas consists of Eric, Cameron, Brandi, Stephen and World Champion skateboarder Tony Hawk. Their task is to create the ultimate Christmas celebration for the students of Velasco Elementary.

School volunteers Kay Heath and Kay Cole explain that the students come from mostly disadvantaged backgrounds. While their parents work hard, there is rarely money for extras and many of the kids have never had a real Christmas.

"This event isn't just about a missed Christmas," says Brandi. "It's about giving the children hope."
Project Field of Dreams

Carlana, Sheg, Kim and Rachael are teamed up with tennis legend Andre Agassi for Project Field of Dreams. Their mission: To surprise Geraldine Sam, a teacher who's been leading the effort for a new school playground at Simms Elementary, with her very own field of dreams.

The team gets off to a rocky start when Rachael and Kim meet with Principal Tyra Stemley without Sheg and Carlana.

"Sheg and I were left to put my chair together and follow in behind the other two," Carlana says. "But we really need to be a unified team to find out the needs of the school."
First-grade teacher Geraldine Sam

Geraldine Sam is shocked when she learns that the Project Field of Dreams team is going to help Simms Elementary get a playground.

"We are a school that is 90% economically disadvantaged," she says. "We have had 12 break-ins and it really bothered the children because they were worried about whether they're safe. I think they deserve more."
Project Field of Dreams on the phone with Andre Agassi

While the Field of Dreams group is committed to helping Simms Elementary, team members Carlana and Rachael butt heads from the beginning. Not even a phone call with their superstar partner, Andre Agassi, eases the tension.

As Andre relays his excitement about Project Field of Dreams over the phone, the team members talk over each other and have trouble showing a united front.

"This man is an international star," says Rachael. "He's probably wondering, 'What's going on here?'"
Eric and Cameron shop for the Forgotten Christmas

On Team Forgotten Christmas, things get heated during Eric and Cameron's shopping trip for winter wonderland decorations. While Eric wants to buy a Christmas tree, Cameron doesn't think it's worth the extra money.

"It's $100," Eric says. "It's not Christmas without a Christmas tree."
Andre Agassi at Simms Elementary School

Despite their conflicts, Project Field of Dreams pulls together for their first meeting with Andre Agassi.

After getting a tour of the school and talking with the teachers, Andre has a plan. "We're going to put together an event where we can raise some serious money," he says.
Tony Hawk goes shopping

Tony Hawk joins Team Forgotten Christmas for a Toys 'R' Us shopping spree, where the group buys a present for every single student at Velasco Elementary.

"The team seems like they are organized amidst all the chaos," says Tony. "There is a lot on their plate in order to make everything happen."
Carlos Rogers makes a donation

The Project Field of Dreams team is organizing a fundraiser at the Westside Tennis Club. While the team is checking out the facility, they are treated to two surprises—first, a visit from former President George Bush. Then, former Houston Rocket Carlos Rogers stops by to help out. "Once you said inner city kids I was in," Carlos says.
Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf

The big day for Project Field of Dreams has arrived. The team has bussed in more than 200 kids from Simms Elementary, and the crowd goes wild when Andre Agassi and his wife, tennis champion Steffi Graf, take the court.

The team's goal is to raise $100,000 in 30 minutes. That's no problem for Andre, who auctions off a tennis lesson with him and Steffi to the two highest bidders at $70,000 apiece!
The Simms Elementary students rush the playground

Despite the tensions running high among the team, Project Field of Dreams raised over $210,000 at the charity auction and secured a huge playground for Simms Elementary!

"We managed to work out our differences and make a dream come true," says Kim. "I can't tell you how good it feels seeing those little kids running around on that playground."
Tony Hawk puts on a show

Tony Hawk showcases his skateboarding skills to help Team Forgotten Christmas raise money and collect toys for the big event at Velasco. Though Tony wowed the crowd, the donations came up short.

"Was it a success? Yes, it was great," says judge Jamie Oliver. "Did they raise much money? Not really. I don't think they used Tony as much as they should have."
Brandi and Cameron welcome Santa

At the Forgotten Christmas event, Santa arrives in style as Brandi and Cameron greet his helicopter. Inside the school, Tony keeps the kids distracted in order to make sure the reveal remains a surprise.

"These kids have no idea what's going on behind their backs," Cameron says. "Behind that wall is a winter wonderland."

On the count of three, the kids turn around to see the wonderland, and each student is given a gift from Mrs. Claus. Plus, Team Forgotten Christmas presents Velasco Elementary with two brand new color copiers and a plasma TV.
Carlana's envelope is empty.

At Big Give headquarters, the judges are troubled by the lack of communication and teamwork between the members of Project Field of Dreams.

After the judges deliberate, Carlana is left holding an envelope with no plane ticket.

"Teamwork is important here," says judge Tony Gonzalez. "The Field of Dreams team didn't work well together. Rachael may be hard to get along with at times, but Carlana definitely got in the way of the team's progress."
Jamie, Carlana and Oprah

As the third person to be sent home, Carlana says she feels she never got a chance to show America what she had in her. "Leaving the team behind and feeling that I hadn't quite been there long enough was really disappointing," she says.

Oprah's Big Give judge Jamie Oliver says the judges had a hard time deciding who to eliminate that week. In fact, it was their longest deliberation of the season. "My job is to judge them on their achievements, their philanthropy, their entrepreneurial spirit," he says. "If I had a little soft spot for any of the contestants, it was for my girl here."

In the end, it was Carlana's constant bickering with Rachael that was her undoing. "It was a bit like being in high school, to be honest," Jamie says. "I think that plan would have been not to bite as much at Rachael. Rachael's quite provocative, and I think it was tough."

Looking back, Carlana says she wouldn't change much about her last challenge. "I stand before you, or sit before you, proud as can be that I did everything in my power to really push myself to the limits," she says. "I'm a control freak, and that was something that was very trying for me to really take a backseat."

Special thanks to all those who helped during this episode of Oprah's Big Give