KF: So I stayed up late one night watching your Internet musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Are you and director Joss Whedon planning a sequel?

NPH: Joss and I talk about it a lot. All of us do, really. It was one of those very fortuitous weeks. It was during the writer's strike, so none of us could work, and we were all angling and jonesing to work. We all wanted to work with each other, and then, it just happened. They wrote it, we did it five days, and it was done. It was one of the few things I've ever worked on that, from conception to completion, was so positive. We really enjoyed working with each other; we loved the end product. We were blown away by the response, though it will be tough to top that with some sort of future life for Dr. Horrible, and yet, it's this opiate that we can't not smoke. So I'm sure we'll have some future when we're all not so multitasked.

KF: Have you all talked about taking Dr. Horrible to the stage, or will it stay online?

NPH: I think it could certainly be a fun thing to do live onstage, but I suspect it would be another Internet thing or something that we'd be able to play with all the mediums together, because a lot of the funny jokes can come from quick edits and low-rent looking production values. That's sort of what makes it.

If you do it on a Broadway stage, you can't let it look that cheap. ... Someone just sent us an e-mail that a theater company has put out a casting notice for their version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, the stage version. That makes us all very happy.

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