KF: You have many passions: you act, you sing, you do magic, you collect art. How do balance everything in your life? How do you keep it all in order?

NPH: Order and organization are the things that I feel myself constantly seeking or hoping for. There's a bit of chaos in my world. I'm always thinking, "I'd love to read a book called How to Organize Your Garage. The Best Way to Organize Your Files." If I could have a person on salary that just went around organizing my things, I'd be the happiest guy ever. There was probably a very special Oprah about that.

KF: Oh, his name's Peter Walsh. He's our clutter expert.

NPH: No! There's a clutter expert, really?

KF: We do have a clutter expert.

NPH: Oh, man. I don't have clutter. I just wish I knew when I printed out that e-mail and was going to save it, where exactly it should go? ... But how do I balance things? I don't know. I think having so many thing that I'm passionate about, I have a lot of things I can choose to dabble in. When I need my magic fix, I can go to the Magic Castle. When I just need to not think about anything, I can watch some Big Brother. If I'm feeling very physical, I can go swing on a trapeze. I have a very tangential life.

KF: When you get stressed out, what do you do?

NPH: When I get stressed, I try to exercise, because I find that sweating it out not only gets rid of the toxins and calories, but it also just puts your head in a good mind space...or puts your mind in a good head space, either way. If I'm really, really burnt out, I tend to watch mindless reality television. Wipeout is my current favorite.


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