KF: That's great. Now, How I Met Your Mother puts a lot of stake in fate. Are you a believer in fate?

NPH: I don't know what to make of fate. I certainly don't think you can predetermine things. It feels like if you go out of your way to try to make something happen, it rarely does. But if you allow for good things to happen, they seem to. I think a lot of that is more perception, you know? A lot of people would take getting rear-ended in their car as an example of why their life continues to be one road block after another, and I think a different person can see that same fender bender and be grateful it wasn't worse. That allows them an opportunity to learn something from it—sort of take some sort of positive elements from that. I think if you try to angle your life in those ways, then fate, destiny, karma opens itself up to you and allows for more growth.

KF: I'm curious, how did your father meet your mother?

NPH: They were college, fraternity and sorority sweethearts. This was in Albuquerque. She was in Alpha Chi Omega. And he was in, something Pi? They did the whole, you know, he gave her his pin. She was pinned, and they were a couple. Then, they were married, and they've only been with each other. I'm very extraordinarily lucky with my parents. ... We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but we were never made to feel poor. They had amazing senses of humor, senses of music and really treated us like regular people when we were kids. So I lucked out.

KF: Did your parents help you survive child stardom?

NPH: They were definitely grounding forces during years in my life that were very tumultuous. They're remarkably grounded and were not at all blinded by the light of stardom and fame. Their main concern was just my well-being and my brother's well-being during all of our crazy times, whether they be intimate or very public. They're remarkable people.


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