KF: So the day after the Emmys, a new season of How I Met Your Mother premieres. Last season's finale left us wondering if your character, Barney Stinson, will finally settle down and start dating Robin Scherbatsky.

NPH: They certainly take a stab at it. I know there will be lots of necking and making out. Lots of canoodling between Robin and I. My lips are chapped. They have strong physical chemistry, apparently.

KF: Apparently.

NPH: I don't know that anyone will be able to ever tame Barney Stinson, or at least make him appreciate the concept that one should only have eyes for one. I think that will play into multiple episodes, but I'm the luckiest actor alive to be locking lips with Cobie Smulders every day.

KF: Recently, Cobie and your other co-star, Alyson Hannigan, became new moms, right? Both gave birth to baby girls.

NPH: Which means when [Cobie and I] make out, she lactates, which I think is a compliment. If this wasn't for, I could make a "she keeps telling me how wet she is" joke.

KF: Moms who read can appreciate that.

NPH: She's like, "I'm so wet." And I'm like, "Wow. Thank you." And she's like, "No, no, no from my breast milk." There's a lot of pumping going on.

No, they've been really good. I have no idea how a new mom would multitask in such a full-body way that both Aly and Cobie do. Now we have a nursery near our dressing rooms that's lovely. There are nannies and daddies, and awake/asleep signs all over the place. They're part of the family.


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