RB: You star in this film, and you wrote it. Is there one of those roles that you like better?

ET: They're ideal, they're absolutely ideal. If I'm writing and being a mom, it's a perfect job. I can be a writer and a mother at the same time, and it's perfect because I can do all the morning stuff, do work in the day and do after-school, evening and weekend stuff, as well. I can do that. Acting is different. If you're filming, you have to come to some sort of arrangement. My daughter's 10 now and my son's 23, so he came and worked on the film and she came and was a runner for the last few weeks when she split up from school. She loves film sets, and I think that next time I might try to do a film in the summer holidays and she can come and work on it. 

RB: It's so nice to have that flexibility. 

ET: Yes, I think that's right. I'm very lucky and it's unusual to have that flexibility, very unusual. And it's unusual to have financial flexibility. That's the bottom line.


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