The Sunshine Cleaning star gives us a peek into her passions, including books and National Geographic. Plus, the album she says you must run out and buy.
What inspires her: Books. I think a good book can change your life. I think To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that did that. Honestly, when I read The Kite Runner I couldn't sleep for two weeks. It clicked my brain into a different way of thinking and regarding people. That tragic story about how the father was the king of the world in Afghanistan, and then he's filling cars with petrol and no one knows who he is and people are speaking to him in a derogatory way. I found it very upsetting. It upsets me still when I think about it—how you don't really know where people are from and what their story is. How everyone must be given the benefit of the doubt. That was one of those books that clicked my brain into a different direction.


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