Q: You mentioned that this is one of the few times you've played an American.

A: Well, before I did Sunshine I did The Jane Austen Book Club and Buck Howard and Charlie Wilson's War, so I've done it a few times. but I hadn't had any coaching on it in a long time. It's a bit worrying. I like doing it—I like the challenge of not creating an accent but creating a character, so you have to try and forget you're doing an accent. A lot of people try and wrap their mouths around doing an American accent, but, actually, you guys are very laid back and you throw a lot away like we do. I learned all about placing the words in a different part of my mouth. You speak much more at the front of your mouths and your mouths are wider, and we speak right at the back of our throats, and barely move our mouths. So it's weird, there's a lot to take on, but once you've learned the basics you can hopefully try and obliterate that from your memory and create a person rather than be distracted by an accent. But it's not easy, and I don't think I've perfected it. 


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