JW: If you could choose, would Juliet end up with Jack or Sawyer?

EM: I don't know! I'm so happy she had the time that she had with Sawyer because I always thought of Juliet as kind of a POW. That was my take on her. When she was with Sawyer, you got to see that she was actually making peace with some of the more disreputable parts of her past with Ben and kind of coming back into that girl that we first met. And I say girl because that's kind of how I thought of her then. She's definitely a woman now, but she was so kind of naïve.

So I really enjoyed her with Sawyer. But I like Sawyer and Kate. I'm very torn. I kind of wouldn't mind if we all just kind of traded every couple of years. And then [Juliet] can be with her sister and Julian and it all works out really well. So I really can't say one way or another. I really feel that time for Juliet, just in watching of it, with Sawyer, was probably one of the best things that happened in her life.

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