KF: Who or what inspired you to get into acting so many years ago?

DM: It was my mom, Eve Ensler, when I was 15. She suggested that I become an actor. She walked me over to acting school, and from then on, I was sort of bitten by it. I give her all the credit.

KF: Eve Ensler (a playwright best known for The Vagina Monologues) has been an Oprah Show guest and an O, The Oprah Magazine contributor. What are some other ways she's influenced you or some of the best advice she has given you over the years?

DM: Well, you know, she is in the Congo right now. Her ability and love of women is just she protects women is just awesome. ... Oprah is also like that too. Their care of women and how they honor women is just enormous, and Eve is really in the trenches. She is out there. She's creating safe houses, and she's helping. She bought some land for these orphans in Africa. You know, it's just like, "Wow." This is who she is. She's that person. People can dream about being that person, but she's actually that person.


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